WeldTrainer is a welding simulator aimed for the vocational training world.

Using cutting edge technology and real time motion tracking systems, Weldtrainer allows the user to be immersed into a welding room where virtual welding can be performed in real time in the same way that in real life.

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Hardware features

  •       Compact and portable.
  •       Motion tracking system of great precision.
  •       Welding tools with characteristics and weight similiar to the real ones.
  •       Easy to operate: with a small joystick and a trigger.
  •       Interchangeable accesories depending of the kind of welding.
  •       Includes instructor position.

Weldtrainer has the following components:

- Computer where the simulation is performed and the 3D display is generated.
- Motion tracking system including 2 different sensors for head and hand tracking.
- Virtual reality glasses( OLED technology) for 3D visualization.
- Real welding torch with a little joystick and a trigger for software interaction.
- Additional screen where the same image that the one seen in the glasses is displayed to watch what the user is doing.

- Instructor position with student management application.    

All the interaction with the simulator is performed with the joystick placed in the welding torch and with the motion tracked by the sensors. There is no need to remove the 3D glasses at any time to interact with all the simulator features including menus navigation.

Software features

The user is immersed into a 3D representation of a real welding room displayed in the 3D glasses, where the user´s head marks the point of view in real time and the right hand controls the welding torch.

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Weldtrainer simulation is powered by a mathematical model powerful enough to simulate in real time all the consequences of every user action. Weld beads layout and aspect is 100% driven by the user actions and environment configuration, without any kind of prebuilt or scripted behaviours.   

WeldTrainer simulates SMAG, MIGMAG and TIG welding. SMAG welding includes the simulation of electrodes of 2,50 mm, 3,25 mm and 4 mm. For all the welding styles, the simulator offers several modules with an undetermined number of  exercises inside to perform and practice a good number of situations.

  • Deposition of weld beads on plates in PA position.
  • Fillet welds.
  • Butt welds of plates.
  • Pipe welding.
  • Theory test module.

Weldtrainer performs real time errors checking during the simulation. Distance, orientation angles and speed are checked and displayed to the user. On top of that, every exercise gets recorded, allowing a 3D interactive review of every exercise performed. Every exercise is self contained.

User can freely change the welding parameters at any time in the simulation using the joystick on the welding torch. This way, intensity can be modified in real time for SMAG and intensity and wire speed as well for MIGMAG.

At the end of each welding pass the simulator creates a telemetric report of it, displaying percentages of correctness for each parameter under control in the exercise. Weldtrainer also perfoms and analysis of porosity and penetrating of every cord.  These reports are automatically sent to the instructor position and from there, they can be printed, sent by e-mail, etc.

Welding stats

Replay  27-9-2012  8h21m9s PASS 0 PENETRATION3

Replay  27-9-2012  8h21m9s PASS 0 POROSITY2

Weldtrainer has a unique feature that allows to import to the system any piece any shape and weld on it.

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Simulator key points

The student performs a higher number of actual welding hours because all of the hours taught using the simulator involve actual welding (no need to change parts, wait for them to cool, remove slag, etc).

  • The training process cost is reduced. The simulator shortens the training time and heavily reduces the consumption of materials.
  • Every possible accident or dangerous situation is completely avoided with the use of the simulator.
  • The initial learning curve for students is faster. Students can understand and master faster and better the key aspects of welding (such as distance, angles and welding speed control).
  • Different types of welding (SMAG, MIGMAG and TIG) in the same device for the same cost. 


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